Monday, August 23, 2010

What a Day!

Our days of homeschool are different everyday, but we have a certain schedule we follow...LOOSELY;-)

All of us:
1. Read a passage from the Bible
We have calendar time (What is the date, upcoming activities for the week, etc...)
What is the weather? (Have a K-gartner!)
Recite our address and phone number (stop when they know it)
States and Capitols (do a few each day until they know them all!)
Bible drills (10 commandments, 12 sons of Jacob, 10 plagues, 12 disciples, books of Bible...)

schooldayAug23 018

schooldayAug23 023

2. Each child (except K-gartner) has 5 folders. I have written what they are to complete each day for each child. They love reading what I have written to them! When they are done with each folder, they put a "check mark" after the assignment and they lay them facedown in their own "cubby". I then review them and stand them up in their favorite cereal box. Their assignments are waiting to be completed for the next day.

schooldayAug23 028

schooldayAug23 026

3. First they work on spelling
Second, they work in math
Third, writing

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schooldayAug23 003

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schooldayAug23 004

4. History (ALL)
We read the American Creed
We say the pledge of allegience
schooldayAug23 014
We discuss American History (explorations to the New World)
After notes, they copy neatly to pages for NOTEBOOKING. I like doing something concrete so they can go back and see their work.
schooldayAug23 021
GEOGRAPHY - we get the map out to show where countries, islands, oceans, seas...are at.
schooldayAug23 029

5. Science (ALL)
We learn a bird a week
We study all their characteristics
They draw the bird and then write neatly to pages for NOTEBOOKING.
schooldayAug23 007
We are also studying parts of insects and we have catepillars that are about to morph into moth's.

They do all of this before lunch! After lunch they have reading and exercise. Then they have free time for video games or just play.
schooldayAug23 040
We also have chore schedules. They do dishes, trash, clean rooms, etc...

I am going to make a schedule for hygenie. I am telling four children all day long "brush teeth, wash hands, take shower/bath, put deoderant on, clip nails, clean ears, etc..." The repeating of this mantra is a little too much!

We also explore in the woods and other things outdoors, but no picture to show.

schooldayAug23 022
I linked my post to "Not Back to School Blog Hop". I have met several nice homeschooling families....There are more of us than I realized! Be sure to check HERE to view "A Day in the life..."of many others on the Blog Hop.

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Happy Homeschooling!

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April said...

Wow, that's a lot. I can't believe you do all that everyday. I'm sitting her eating breakfast, reading your blog, answering emails, taking phone calls, etc. I can't imagine teaching the state capitals right now. Looks like you are doing great!

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