Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008~The year of the homemade gift!

Christmas with our Family

We had a great Christmas. The food was great and we all made our gifts this year for Christmas. The homemade gifts were very touching.

I can't believe all the gifts I received...I must have been good this year~ I use my apron everyday, my scarf for when I go out, and everyone that comes over LOVES my photo montage!

It was a good experience that will remain with me, I remember it more than any Dirty Santa we ever had.

John made a Grill rack that was really good for the Mikester, Mom made a very nice jewelry that went along with a monogrammed purse for Aunt Letha, Dad used a very old plow piece that was dear to him, along with a calendar, and gave it to Curt (very sentimental), Aunt Letha gave Dad a twist of tobacco that he and his Pa made in the 50's together and framed it, Court received some very nicely framed coasters from Uncle Mike, and John received a Mp3 player full of GOSPEL songs (his favorite thing to listen to in the whole world while driving) from Curt. Also, Curt put songs of the kids and us singing on there too! Mom received a slide show of over 500 pictures of all of us through the years from me....So it was all very touching and a great experience.

For Courtney's birthday, I made her a quilt of her life...She really likes it~

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A visit to Santa

John, the kids, Court, Cooper and I went to see Santa. We had a great time. Cooper loves Santa! My kids are a different story. We tried to get Caleb on his knee and he went into hysterics! Abigail was afraid too, but she mustered up her courage and did it. What a girl~ Isaac was just fine, and Noah didn't want to do it (he is a teenager you know!) but Santa insisted. Santa even put John, Court, and me on his lap....Santa gets nicer every year. Merry Christmas to all!

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