Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We had a fun time in the snow...The wind was brutal so we didn't stay out too long!

Caleb brought his push mower out to "mow" the snow. It was a hard job!

Noah loves playing with Buttercup, Peebles, B-dog, and RoseBud! Such an animal lover!

Here are some pics of the day...I am so glad, I just found my connector to the computer to upload pictures! Yay me...

Abigail found a stump seat, so I had to take a pic!

John made snow cream and it was great too! Yum Yum, now we are going to have a Wii bowling game...I hope I win!

This is the main road! Very much snow-covered!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Giveaway @ The Dress-up Drawer

Dress up Drawer

* These are a sample of the things TDD is giving away*

The Dress-up Drawer has a lot of giveaways and they end the earliest around February 1st! Hurry up and go over there before the cute items are gone!


Let it snow - quick craft to welcome snow in!

Here is a link to my new *BLOG* . There are items around your home that can be put together and made into a quick craft. It is so much fun to create and it is a visual reminder of what is coming--SNOW! It is coming if I love it or not, so I am getting really excited. I am elated that it is not ICE!


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