Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008~The year of the homemade gift!

Christmas with our Family

We had a great Christmas. The food was great and we all made our gifts this year for Christmas. The homemade gifts were very touching.

I can't believe all the gifts I received...I must have been good this year~ I use my apron everyday, my scarf for when I go out, and everyone that comes over LOVES my photo montage!

It was a good experience that will remain with me, I remember it more than any Dirty Santa we ever had.

John made a Grill rack that was really good for the Mikester, Mom made a very nice jewelry that went along with a monogrammed purse for Aunt Letha, Dad used a very old plow piece that was dear to him, along with a calendar, and gave it to Curt (very sentimental), Aunt Letha gave Dad a twist of tobacco that he and his Pa made in the 50's together and framed it, Court received some very nicely framed coasters from Uncle Mike, and John received a Mp3 player full of GOSPEL songs (his favorite thing to listen to in the whole world while driving) from Curt. Also, Curt put songs of the kids and us singing on there too! Mom received a slide show of over 500 pictures of all of us through the years from me....So it was all very touching and a great experience.

For Courtney's birthday, I made her a quilt of her life...She really likes it~

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A visit to Santa

John, the kids, Court, Cooper and I went to see Santa. We had a great time. Cooper loves Santa! My kids are a different story. We tried to get Caleb on his knee and he went into hysterics! Abigail was afraid too, but she mustered up her courage and did it. What a girl~ Isaac was just fine, and Noah didn't want to do it (he is a teenager you know!) but Santa insisted. Santa even put John, Court, and me on his lap....Santa gets nicer every year. Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God moved us to the community of Hardinsburg, Kentucky in 1999. He laid on our hearts to join Hardinsburg Missionary Baptist Church. My husband, John E. Geary II, preached there along with other God-called preachers. We took a trip of faith and God has helped us through everything. Now, God has moved us to help start a church in Fordsville,Ky. We were there over three years and the church was doing really good and was starting to grow. John is now helping at Pleasant View Missionary Baptist Church. You really can't ask too much of my God.

He is the dearest friend I ever had. He saved my soul when I was an eleven-year-old girl. I was getting ready for bed and this terrible fear came to me deep in my soul and I tried to ignore it but couldn't. I went to mom and told her that my heart was hurting. She hugged me and we sat down on the edge of her and Dad's water bed. Mom and I prayed with many tears and Heaven just flooded my soul. That terrible fear was gone and I was saved. I thank my saviour for coming to my house that night, he didn't have to, but his love came to me that night and I praise his holy name for going all the way for me.

He saved my husband when he was a seven-year-old boy at the altar of Walnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church. Satan was using on him that he would have to give up his bike to be saved. John gave that old bike up and came to the altar and was saved. Satan will try to use anything on you to keep you from going with God, but he is, as my husband says, "a defeated foe", and a liar and the author of it. So just get that serpent out of your way and go with God. God has never lead me wrong, and Satan will always lead you wrong.

My oldest son, Noah Walker Geary, was saved June the 9th on a Sunday night at Hardinsburg Missionary Baptist Church. The preaching was from Mark 4:36: And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship. And there were also with him other little ships. Well, my son, a little ship, ran up to the altar and I shouted to the Lord for saving his soul. Oh, what a wonderful night that was. God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and the church came together to see someone born into the Kingdom of Heaven. I rejoice still thinking about what God has done for me and my family.

My second son, Isaac Brice Geary, was saved on a Sunday morning right after service on November 7th, 2004. The Lord had been dealing with him for weeks. He would be crying and in tears at the end of every service but just wouldn't surrender. On November 7th, he left his Bible in the church, he came back in, still crying, and he was asked if he wanted us to pray with him. Isaac said, "no, he wanted the church to pray with him." So we all came back in and prayed and Isaac wasn't satisfied the first time he prayed but he got through to God the second time and he was saved. The whole church was able to rejoice with Isaac. He was just swelling in his soul and tears streaming down while everyone was testifying. John shouted and I could just cry and laugh...just like when I had him....as soon as I had Isaac I just got happy and laughed and laughed.

Abigail Hope Geary and Caleb Seth Geary will be saved one day too. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness. The Lord has given me a promise and I hold on to it in the good and bad times. Thank you Lord for your unspeakable gift. The gift of salvation is better felt than told.

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