Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to two!

We celebrated Noah and Abigail's birthday.  To make this banner, go here.  They were both born in September, so we always have them a big party...together.  Isaac and Caleb get a little party because they were born in different is that fair?!?!?  (btw, I have got to do something differently about that.  let me add that to my Mommy-To-Do-List!)

This is a pic of Noah when he was little.......

and here is a pic of Noah now.....time has flown!

Here is a pic of Abigail when she was 6 months....

and here is a pic of her now... (tear, sigh, I am O.K. now)

Uncle Curt also has a September birthday, so I decided to make a cake with all three.  I am trying to get better at making cakes.  I like to do all kinds of crafts and projects, but the cake is the hardest for me to master.  I am making great strides, but I am still wet behind the ears!

We had a lot of food and had a great time.  It is so much fun to see them look forward to their birthday party's.  I hope they remember them forever. You have to have a lot of food at a birthday party, am I right?

Here is my baby!  He is a cutie!

Is anyone getting hungry yet!

food, glorious food!

Abigail loves her Daddy!

My Mommy!  She's so pretty!

My Sissy!  She's so pretty too!
My nutty son!  He is the comedian, wouldn't you say?

Noah received what every teen wants for their b-day:  $$$$

Abigail received a doll, scooter, and $$$!

I love you both so much and pray God blesses you and your future lives to the uttermost!  I know I am sentimental, but it seems like a little while ago I was having these same parties myself.  Time just passes so quickly!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TWO!  WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Through the years

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