Friday, October 15, 2010

A Fire During The Rain

She looks good until...

  Wednesday morning I got a call from Mom. I could tell from her voice somthing was wrong. She told me that she had just called the fire department and that Dad's John Deere Combine was on fire! I was pacing around not knowing what exactly to do. I told Mom that I would go over and see if I could help.

I turned on to road 1075 and I could see a huge ring of smoke...That was not comforting in the least! I got there, and there was only smoke, Dad got the fire out....He had to use 3 or 4 fire extinguishers! I directed the volunteer firefighters where to go. After a while I walked up there, and one of the said, "I don't think we can save this one." See, this was the third combine that caught on fire! I was about to loose my breakfast and I hadn't even eaten! What I didn't know, the fire started sometime in the night and it was on fire all night and the morning!

we look inside!

so sad what fire can do

back of the cab

steering wheel

doesn't look too bad in this one

the boys get in a few minutes with the old combine

cheesing it up

the engine


Dad had to break the glass to stop the fire

 So, Dad talked to his insurance company, and he got another combine.  It arrived today!  The kids are loving on her!  They love the new steps, they are a lot easier to get up and down on!  The auger is huge and higher than the 4200.
Wow, it is so big

We love the cab

basking in the sun
 So, this Turbo 6620 is going to eat a few ears of corn and then she will stomach a few acres of soy beans.  It's harvest time.  A lot to do!

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