Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shop till you drop!

Well, we did just that. We went to Macy's to find Abigail a nice white dress shirt...they are few and far between for girls her age! She is a 7/8 and we found one at Macy's and one at JcPenny's. They were both the same style- satin. I was wanting cotton, but oh well! Satin won't wrinkle.

The guys were tired after just an hour! I know they wouldn't be tired if it were video games. Caleb is acting funny/crazy again. He is always doing something.
We had a great time and found a white shirt for Miss Abigail!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Are Breath Holding Spells Dangerous?

This was on my AOL headline today, "Are Breath Holding Spells Dangerous?" I had to view this article because my youngest son, Caleb, did this from age 1 to 3. We all were a nervous wreck. Everytime he did it, Noah and Isaac would run to him, start crying and they would try to "revive" him. All drs. and even the media say it is harmless, but those few 10-20 seconds your child has passed out and is the color blue stops you cold in your tracks. Caleb is now 4 and has not done it since he has been 4 AND I AM GLAD! I just wanted to blog about it because his BHS (breath holding spells) occurred around 30 different times. After he did it, I would look him in the eye and tell him that he could be damaging his brain. The more I would talk to him, the more infrequent the spells occurred, but he would still do it! I am so thankful that milestone is over at the Geary Gang's house.

Here is a portion of the news article

By Deborah Huso

When the "Daily Mail" released the news that singer Charlotte Church’s two-year-old daughter, Ruby, was suffering from a strange, but not uncommon childhood disorder known as Breath Holding Spells (BHS), the media had a small field day. As it turns out, however, BHS, though alarming to parents, is fairly common and not life threatening

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A great trip to Jackson's Orchard

The boy in the navy jacket is Caleb...He was a real dare-devil on the slide...He would only go down on his belly and I loved it!

We had a great time at Jackson's Orchard. We ate a lot of apples--Fried Apple Pies( my fav since it was soft on my TMJ and fried and so good), caramel apple chips, Candy Apples on a stick! Then, after hyped up on sugar, we went to the Cider Slider. The kids loved it but they really loved running on top of the hay! They did that forever. The temp was really cool (Court and Mom shivered the whole time) but the kids had a blast...except for picture time...They need to enjoy it now, because when they get to be adults NO ONE asks to take their pic! ;-)

Halloween ghouls are out already

We went to Halloween Express in Owensboro. We wanted to see if they had some costumes that we had been looking for. They had the costumes we had been looking for, but they were very expensive! So Noah tried on one and we all started laughing, so then they all had to get in on the fun! We had a blast. John kept telling them to stop and put them up but they were just running around laughing and grabbing more masks! I was laughing and rolling! I took some pics so you could see all the fun. The costumes were too high to buy but we still had a great time trying them on....

Also, I have all their costumes together...They usually go as a theme. Last year they were "The Wizard of Oz" and this year they are going to be.....not telling. You will see next week!

I am really looking forward to Halloween next week ;-)

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