Thursday, October 22, 2009

A great trip to Jackson's Orchard

The boy in the navy jacket is Caleb...He was a real dare-devil on the slide...He would only go down on his belly and I loved it!

We had a great time at Jackson's Orchard. We ate a lot of apples--Fried Apple Pies( my fav since it was soft on my TMJ and fried and so good), caramel apple chips, Candy Apples on a stick! Then, after hyped up on sugar, we went to the Cider Slider. The kids loved it but they really loved running on top of the hay! They did that forever. The temp was really cool (Court and Mom shivered the whole time) but the kids had a blast...except for picture time...They need to enjoy it now, because when they get to be adults NO ONE asks to take their pic! ;-)

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