Saturday, August 21, 2010

Swimming Lessons June 14th-25th

We enrolled the kids in swimming lessons. We live right by a pond, so I wanted the kids to know how to swim. John really insisted!

Caleb 033

Caleb 031
Noah and Isaac graduated and can doggy paddle very well. Next year they are going to learn the back stroke and more.

Caleb 019

Caleb 030

Caleb 029

Caleb 015

Caleb 016

Abigail and Caleb are still learning so they will remain in the level 1-2 class.

Caleb 027

They have the floating move down pat.

Caleb 026

Caleb 025

Caleb 018

Caleb 017

THEY HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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April said...

Looks like fun. I should take mine to swim lessons, too.

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