Thursday, August 19, 2010

Church Campout

John was in charge of coordinating a campout for all the kids (ages 4-80 ;-) @ Pleasant View. We all had a great time. The date was July 16th and let me tell you it was a scorcher! We were all very sweaty, so we were all glad there was a lake close by.

Mary and Freck fried fresh fish, John grilled, and all the ladies brought sides and desserts...We had plenty of food.

We had an activity (boys vs. girls, of course) where the kids had to find an item that was mentioned in the bible. They had a really good time playing....It was a close race but the girls won. The boys (Noah and Isaac) opened up and testified, Abigail led the singing (she was very shy, but came into her own after "I'm bound for that city"). Then John preached a message. We had a very good time.

Lastly, the kids went swimming. We had a cabin (thanks to Bro. William and Bro. Marvin) so Abigail, Caleb, and I slept in a very comfortable bed while the guys had to sleep on the ground in tents. Needless to say, John, Noah, and Isaac slept the next day....all day!~

We had such a good time. So glad with what God has blessed us with.

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