Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cute...Skirt refashioned into an apron dress for Abs

I had a skirt that was just too high above the knee for me (yes folks it is possible), so I refashioned it into something for Abigail. I just cut a backward "C" on both sides. Then I made a very long bias of a coordinating fabric and I sewed them to each side. I added a pocket as an embellishment...Abigail loves the pocket. This looks cute with jeans or leggings underneath. The dress can even be used as an apron....I keep all kinds of old clothing never know when a REfASHION will hit you!

Here is a complete layout of the skirt-turned-into-apron-dress. I cut each side for the armholes and just made bias for each side....Had all the material...yay!

This is proof that this was my skirt!

One side tied into a bow the other side loose...

Here is my angel striking a pose...she is so camera shy ;-)


Aimee said...

Very cute!

April said...

Love it. Like your new background, too. You are so crafty. I need to learn how to sew things. Hairbows are about my only skill.

Lesley said...

Wow Leah - you are great! What a wonderful idea. I REALLY want to learn to sew! Eric bought me a machine a couple of years ago and I swear I can't thread the darn thing to save my life! The bobin (sp?) thingy trips me up!

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