Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween Gang!

We had a groovy Halloween! Like zoinks it was the coolest! Jinkys it was great! (O kay I will stop now!) We were the Scooby Doo Gang. Noah is getting to the age we can minimally dress him up, so he is not very adorned as the others, but he is still a great sport....we really needed SHAGGY! is a pic of Noah as Scooby in 2001....They grow so quickly (*tear*). The second picture is Caleb...they look alike, don't they?!?!

I just found these pics today, and Isaac was Scooby Doo too! He is growing up fast too...Noah was a scary vampire and Abigail was an adorable Lady Bug (and sucking her thumb, that's my girl!)...I think they are just too cute!

We passed out candy to kids that came to Courtney's church....It was raining, so we had it inside. The kids made posters for their theme, we put Scooby Doo books, Scooby stuffed animals and a dvd that played, you guessed it, Scooby Doo.

They were waiting patiently before the trick or treaters came.

They were aprehensive at first passing out the candy, but after a few times, they warmed up. I was glad they were able to pass out candy...they have never done that before.

We had a great Halloween!


Lesley said...

Leah, I love it! You all are a hoot! I bet you all were using scooby language all night. We went through a pretty good scooby phase here at my house a few years ago:)

April said...

Yeah, I love it, too! Looks like you had a great time. Love the costumes!!

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